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Northwest Washington cherry gift box (about 2kg)

  • America

The sizes are all 9Row-9.5Row and shipped randomly. You cannot choose from the unique natural environment, fertile soil and warm sunshine. The cherries have a sweet and juicy taste.

NT$ 1650 / box


Product content:

Specifications: Approximately 2kg package, sizes are 9Row-9.5Row, shipped randomly, cannot be selected Packaging method: gift box Origin: Northwest United States

product description:

Become a member before checking out and enjoy 100 yuan shopping credit immediately (can be discounted immediately). Click here to join👉 Register as a member. Cherry is a natural crop and a delicate fruit. The fruit will have cracks, uneven color, and uneven skin. There will also be 5~10% product damage during the shipping process. Perfectionists please do not place an order. It is produced only once a year, and summer is its peak season. Northwest Washington cherries in the United States are a luxurious choice of summer fruits. The bright red berries are like gems. Their unique appearance and ultimate taste are unforgettable. The northwest region of the United States has climate conditions and soil suitable for cherry growing, providing the perfect environment for cherries. Not only the appearance is elegant, but the inside is full of surprises. The taste is sweet and juicy. Each one exudes a strong fruity aroma. The sweetness and refreshing fragrance that spreads in the mouth are perfect treasures among cherries. Whether you taste them directly or with When used in making desserts and jams, American Northwest cherries can show their unique flavor and bring enjoyment to your taste buds. Let us taste the cherries bathed in the sun and nature together, and feel the happiness and healing they bring. [Note] Because you need to contact the place of production to place an order, the specialist will check that the content is correct before it is handed over to the customer. Therefore, if the product is not in stock, it will be shipped approximately 3-7 days after the order is placed (excluding holidays). Please confirm your willingness. Please wait before placing an order, or you are welcome to use the official LINE account to inquire about the arrival status, thank you. ⚠️If you fill in the order information incorrectly and the goods fail to be delivered normally due to deterioration due to incorrect personal information, returns, refunds and subsequent compensation will not be possible. Please be sure to check again.
Northwest cherries
The cherries may have indentations as shown in the picture due to the transportation process. This is a normal phenomenon. Please eat with confidence. 5%~10% fruit damage may also occur during transportation. If you mind, please consider purchasing.
 California Cherry
JETRO Overseas Food Support Store Certification


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 Self-pickup service address & opening hours 

Address: No. 122, Qiaohe Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City (near MRT Qiaohe Station) 

Opening hours : weekdays Monday to Friday 10:00~18:00 (services are not open on public holidays and national holidays) 

To use the self-pickup service, please contact us and reserve a slot.

 Delivery Note  

1.Greater Taipei Area will be delivered by our driver or lalamove

(Lalamove will use thermal bags to keep the fruit cold if our driver is designated to meet our delivery time)

2Another Area : Distribution of President Transnet Corp.

 Ordering Notes 

1. Follow the steps on the official website to complete the order and payment. After accepting the order, we will arrange the shipment as soon as possible from 1 to 3 days (if it falls on the 6th and national holidays, the acceptance of the order will be postponed). 

2. Due to the recent epidemic situation, there may be delays in the delivery of fruits imported from Japan. Please forgive me. 

3. The Greater Taipei area is mainly based on our company's logistics and delivery, and Monday is a public holiday. Other areas on the island are mainly black cat refrigerated home delivery, and our company will ship according to the official operating time announced by black cat.

4. The nature of fresh commodities has the reasonable exception of "commodities with a shorter shelf life" stipulated in Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law, so it is not applicable to the return of the 7-day appreciation period. Human factors (aroma, size, sweetness, color, taste, dislike, taste) and other reasons to return. Please receive the goods on the same day. If there are major defects (moldy fruits, goods not matching the order shipped, etc.), please take a photo immediately and contact our online customer service within 24hrs.

5. It takes a certain amount of working hours to select and pack the fruit. It cannot be sent or picked up on the same day after the order is placed. Please forgive me


6. Delicate fruits such as strawberries, peaches, and cherries are not easy to store, and there will inevitably be 5% to 10% fruit damage during the home delivery process. Perfectionists, please think twice.


7. In addition, after the goods arrive, please unpack them immediately and keep them in the refrigerator. If there is any problem, please take a photo within 24 hours of the arrival date and provide it to our online customer service. We will handle it for you as soon as possible during working hours.


Agricultural products grow in nature, due to various natural climatic factors, each peel must have some growth marks, it will not be perfect, and the color will be uneven. In addition, due to the relationship between home delivery and original transportation, there will be slight damage (5-10% fruit damage), but it will not affect eating. "Perfectionists, please think twice."